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Facilitate a discussion in your organisation about how you work with partners.

Download a set of questions to challenge your leaders to consider how effectively they work with partners and stakeholders and find out what might be improved.

The questions are an ideal tool for initiating a reflective board discussion, or a senior leadership strategy meeting, or to create the climate for a frank and reflective discussion with exisiting partners in a shared forum. Use the questions either as part of an event in breakout groups, or to collect data beforehand in preperaion for a discussion.Download the leadership challenge

PQ Model

Handling multi-dimensional challenges, multiple stakeholders, and competing interests.

  • iconChanges tack to fit the new demands ranging from crisis to evolution.

  • iconExercises self-command to calibrate responses and pace changes to fit the circumstances.

  • iconMaintains focus and strength of purpose, brings rigour and disipline to measurement of results.

  • iconExcudes confidence; at ease; and in touch with what others’ need.

  • iconRecognises political reality; knows when to push and when to concede; and works with the politics to achieve objectives.

Shaping the future through relationships, influencing and personal power.

  • iconUnderstands where power and influence resides in each stakeholder group. Builds and nurtures relevant networks and relationships.

  • iconTakes opportunities to influence and advances the future vision.

  • iconActs courageously, takes risks and upholds ethics.

  • iconInfluences stakeholders by combining charisma and purpose.

  • iconUnderstands complexity and explains it simply and memorably.

Imagining the future, developing the strategy and delivering the outcome.

  • iconShapes the future vision: reflective, well informed, thinks holistically; spots the patterns, makes connections with the present.

  • iconSets a strategic direction; identifies partners; mobilies and aligns stakeholders.

  • iconRegisters changing currents; resets delivery to seize opportunities and handle risk.

  • iconBalances different ways of thinking: analyitical and innovative, strategic and operational.

  • iconDelivers the future vision by bringing focus and clarity to complex decision making and driving implementation.

Understand the needs of partners, stakeholders, humanity and does what is required.

  • iconStudies key stakeholders; sees and feels the world from their perspective and does things that they value.

  • iconRelates to wider society; culturally competent and respectful.

  • iconBuilds shared empathy; attracts others through values, behaviours and innovation.

  • iconInspires passion and commitment from other stakeholders to the shared project.

  • iconFeels empathy towards humanity and acts to make the world a better place for future generations.

Acting with integrity and earning the trust of others to serve joint interests.

  • iconConsistently behaves with integrity and honesty.
  • iconActs ethically, transparently and inclusively.
  • iconValues and puts effort into projects and relationships that deliver long term societal benefits.
  • iconManages competing interests without compromising trust.
  • iconEstablishes a track record for delivering results.